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Around 700,000 tonnes of second hand clothes are collected annually in UK. This not only helps to raise hundreds of millions for charity. It also helps to enable local authorities to generate income and increase recycling. Thousands of people are employed directly through the industry in the UK and millions of people throughout the world.
Cash For Clothes collection will pay you for 1 full standard sized bin bag (based on 10 kilo weight) 50p per kilogram equivalent to £5.00 – this is your opportunity to sell clothes for cash Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Norfolk now!
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Why It Pays To Sell Clothes

It helps reduce waste in landfill

It is estimated that in UK people throw away hundreds thousands tons of used clothes in a single year, which goes to landfill, that is bad for the environment. Textiles present particular problems in landfill as synthetic (man-made fires) products will not decompose, while woolen garments do decompose and produce methane, which contributes to global warming.

It helps raise funds for charities and schools

Charities and schools are always in need of donations from the public to maintain their valuable programs or to help them help others. Cash For Clothes offers an excellent way to raise money at the same time helping the environment. Read more Cash For Clothes - Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Norfolk

It provides jobs

Sell clothes for cash and you will provide many jobs in local area for all manner of people. As well as those jobs, it provides income for workers in import and export sectors. With clothes needing to be transported freight companies also benefit.
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It helps reduce waste in landfill

he UK used clothing and textile collection sector is something that this country can be proud of. We are amongst the best in the world at donating used clothing for re-use and recycling. Around 700,000 tonnes is collected annually… Read more Textile Recycling Report

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Cash For Clothes - Why We Must Help Environment and People

Many of us love to shop ending up stacking our house with things that might not be in our use after some time. The most common shopping trips include trips to the clothing store where we purchase clothes and shoes for every season and happen to purchase more the next year.

Now, instead of piling all these clothing items that you will not consume the next year because the trend may change or the clothes have lost their shine, you should think about sell them away. What if I tell you that you can give sell the clothes you don’t need and get cash 4 clothes? That does sound a little encouraging, no? Cash for clothes near you is now a possibility. You can easily sell shoes for cash.

Sell clothes for cash near you. Stack up all the clothes you don’t need and visit the centers that actually run to collect the clothes from people and use them for a good cause. Sell clothes for cash near you in the easiest way possible. The are doing a great job where people able to sell clothes 4 cash. Receiving cash for clothes is a great incentive where people are able to sell their clothes and actually get paid for it. Look around and ask away to get cash for clothes near you and me.

Top Reasons why you should give away your clothes

Selling away your clothes is a good deed that many of us can carry out. This deed will not only help people in need, but will also help us feel good about ourselves. Due to the availability of organization, people can now sell their clothes for cash and help many peaople in need. So, the next time you think about throwing away your clothes, think about sell cash 4 clothes at near you and me Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Spalding, Thetford, Norwich, Hunstanton, Fakenham, PeterboroughDownham Market, Ely, Boston, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Surrounding Areas.

It's good for the environment

Selling your clothes is far better than throwing it away in the trash. When you throw away the piece of garment you are actually doing a harm to the environment. According to the research carried out by EPA, it takes more than £31 to dispose of waste. The landfill that collects all the clothes along with the shoes releases toxic greenhouse gases which include carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These gases are harmful to the environment after they are broken down into tiny fragments which damage the ozone layer. Now you can get cash 4 clothes, shoes.

Moreover, the production of new clothes does not only require a lot of water, but the industries that are involved in the production emit poisonous gases into the air. The untreated gas contains a lot of chemicals that contribute to the greenhouse effect. All of these things can be avoided if you think about selling your clothes and shoes at You can sell your old shoes and clothes and get cash for them. Sell shoes for cash as well.

It will help people

The first and in fact the most important thing about sell clothes and selling them for cash is that it will help bring a smile on someone's face. Just because you don’t wear that clothing item, does not mean that no one else will. There are many people who are ready to purchase second hand clothes and shoes. There are when the clothes are not torn, they just have outgrown them or are not very much following the trend. This is where you can sell your clothes for cash to an near you Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Spalding, Thetford, Norwich, Hunstanton, Fakenham, PeterboroughDownham Market, Ely, Boston, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Surrounding Areas so that people are able to benefit from them and you also get cash.

Moreover, there are people who have disaster victims or those who are underprivileged. These people are in need of your donations. This is why if you plan to just throw away your clothes remember they will not come in handy for anyone, not for you, not for anyone else.

It will help you feel good

Doing something good for someone, automatically gets us feeling good about ourselves. It gives us the ego boost. By getting rid of the clutter at your place and getting cash for the clothing items, you are not just making more space, you are doing something worthy. It will help you know that you are putting a smile on peoples face. By doing a good deed you are worthy of something good happening to you in return.

Always remember that almost every clothing item at your place can be recycled no matter what condition or quality it is. This helps explain it even better that there is no reason why you should not donate your clothes. Now, you can sell your clothes to an and get cash for it that instantly.

How it works

Selling away your clothing items has never been so easy. Now with the working towards this cause, selling your clothes has become very easy and convenient.

Empty your closet/wardrobe. This is the first thing on your plate. All you need to do is clean your cupboard and get ride of all the clothes and shoes you no longer need. If needed you can ask for help from a friend or anyone to put aside all those clothes that you no longer wear. The clothes that are short on you or the clothes that are not in style are the ones you surely don’t need. Get them to a side and sell cash for clothes at

Get your items checked. This is the next step where the who take clothes will check whether they items are not damaged. They will ensure all the items are not torn just to be sure they can be worn again. Stay patient and let them do their job when you book online your free clothes collection.

Get cash for clothes. The next and in fact the most exciting part where you get to cash your clothing items. The hat you are selling away your clothes and shoes to must have their own set of terms. You can read their terms and conditions to be sure. The pay you 50p per kilo on collection or 55p when you drop of. You get the cash in return and the thought that you just did something good for the people in need along with the environment.

The cash for clothes Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Spalding, Thetford, Norwich, Hunstanton, Fakenham, PeterboroughDownham Market, Ely, Boston, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Surrounding Areas forward the clothes to respective countries where there is poverty or places where people have been victimized by any disaster. The clothes you sell today will come in handy. They will help numerous people. Apart from helping the people in need, you are also doing a great job for the environment. The disposal of the clothes you throw away along with the production of new ones are consuming a lot of our resources such as water for cooling and coal for the running of machines. Be smart, be wise think again before throwing away your clothes and shoes when you can get cash in exchange for them and also help the people in need. Get cash 4 clothes easily also give away your shoes and get cash in return near you and me Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Spalding, Thetford, Norwich, Hunstanton, Fakenham, PeterboroughDownham Market, Ely, Boston, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Surrounding Areas.

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