Cash for Clothes - London

Cambridge Cash for clothes serve as one of the most famous and commonly approached company in the textile re-use and recycling industry. Cash for clothes services provided by us allow all the sellers to get instant cash from selling your old, used, or pre-loved clothes, shoes, accessories, and several other items. We have fixed prices per kg of the items we buy.

Our services provided not only allow the sellers to get extra cash instantly but also helps them in de-cluttering their wardrobe space. Furthermore, you  have environmental benefits as well. We( help by sending these used clothes to the different regions of the world where they can be utilized by the less fortunate ones which saves the clogging of landfills in the UK. Additionally, awareness is also created amongst the educated class regarding the benefits or re-using and recycling clothes.

Cash for clothes Cambridgeshire

We are one of the leading companies in the textile reuse and recycling industry and are continuously growing with every passing day. We are acknowledged as one of the largest sellers, and buyers of second-hand clothes in the entire UK and especially in areas such as Cambridge. Gather clothes from various parts of the UK which include  South Yorkshire, West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, and many other parts.

We deal in second-hand clothing but the quality of the clothes in never compromised. We do not every piece of cloth or shoe that is brought to them. There are certain standards which are to be met by the sellers’ clothes. Once the clothes are packed and brought by the seller, they are taken to the warehouses where these clothes and other items are carefully inspected by the inspection teams. The clothes and other items are only bought when they are approved by the inspection team. It is always ensured by the inspection team that the clothes are not ripped, stained, contaminated, have holes, or any other defects.

Once. the clothes are approved and bought by us, they are packed (4-8kg per box) containing a mixture of ladies, men’s, and children’s clothes, shoes, hats, belts, socks, bags, etc. They are then sent to other regions of the world such as Europe, Asia, and Africa to help for less fortunate ones.