Cash for Clothes - Ipswich Suffolk

About 700,000 tonnes of used clothes are collected annually in the UK.

The textile recycling has become one of the famous industries in the UK which not only raises hundreds of millions for charity but also generates income from selling of pre-loved clothes to second-hand clothes shops in different regions of the world. Furthermore, this industry employees thousands of people for work and bring awareness regarding the recycling and reusing of second-hand clothes.

The cash for clothes and cash for shoe are present through the UK including may prominent parts such as London, Cambridge, South Yorkshire, and Ipswich Suffolk. You can easily locate your nearest one and contact it for further information regarding the selling of your old clothes and other items. We allow the customers to come to drop their clothes and for the ones who cannot come to us, they can simply call to get their stuff picked up.

Once, the old clothes and other items are dropped off to warehouse to get checked. The inspection teams check the clothes for a required standard. The clothes should not be ripped, there must be no stain, they should not be contaminated with the pet hair, poor quality or any such thing. Once approved by the inspection team, the clothes are bought and the payment is made.

Why it is important to contact cash for clothes?

  • Helps in reducing waste: Every year, hundreds of thousands of old clothes are thrown away by the people in the UK. All these old used clothes go the landfills which are harmful to the environment. The materials used for the making of clothes cause harmful environmental effects. Man-made fibers do not decompose and the woolen clothes which decompose produce methane which is harmful which is a major contributor to global warming.
  • Funds are collected for schools and charities: Charities always require funds for their proper functioning. These funds are provided by generous individuals and organizations working for different purposes. Cash for clothes is a great way of raising funds to provide needy individuals and organizations.

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Book FREE Collection NOW!